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Off Topic: Chole Moretz for Love Magazine

Chole Grace Moretz (Kick- Ass, Let Me In) was recently featured in a video for Love Magazine. I guess this isn’t really off topic. The really exciting news is that my friends from home were also featured in this video! Check out Little Beard! You guys sound great!!! Much Love!


Hot Boys In Dresses – oh Yesses

Oh sweet androgyny – you’re so hot right now.

Jethro Cave

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Off Topic: Sunshine by Rye Rye feat. MIA

Hey MLM readers! I want to thank you all for being patient with me as I try to work my computer situation out. Here is a special treat for both you and I! A month or so ago I was lucky enough to help cast and be part of a music video featuring one of my favorite artists! MIA! The music video is called Sunshine by Rye Rye featuring MIA. I’m in there a few times for a few seconds. See if you can spot me 😉

Rye Rye and MIA

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