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MLM Exclusive Interview Autumn Casey

Autumn Casey is an artist based in Miami and born in Austin, Texas.  This graduate from New World School of the Arts, has gotten well deserved attention for being exhibited in MOCA’s Open Process: New Work by Miami ArtistsThis Thursday July 7th  Autumn Casey,  Johnny Laderer, Domingo Castillo and other artists will be showing work at David Castillo Gallery’s DCG Open.

What led you to start your career path?

I don’t think of things in terms of ‘career paths’- more as just fun projects I either come up with or am able to be a part of- through friends and meeting people

Where do your ideas come from?

Ideas are everywhere and are shared and sometimes one just strikes you as worth pursuing.

How far has it gotten you?

The opportunity to show at the Museum of Contemporary Art is a really exciting thing and probably the most ‘official’ form of success I guess I have achieved.

How long have you been making art for?

Fresh out of the womb

What makes you stand out, or what do you want to be recognized for?                                 
I try to keep it real.
What attracts you to art?
Deep pockets
What made you stop/ What keeps you going?
Sometimes when it gets really hot outside, its hard to find motivation. But usually enough stagnation will inspire you to get going again.
Share a story with us about a fun project you completed, or a time when you were really happy to be doing what you do
Once a group of friends and I took over a few rooms at the Shalimar Motel on biscayne with the intent of making art and music inside of the rooms as a counterpoint to the fancy shit you see on south beach during art basel inside of nice hotels.  These rooms were super gross, with porn on the TV. We stayed in them for one night, making art work that ended up being inspired by the seedy atmosphere. It was the first time we sort of realized that we could do this sort of thing on our own, with out being invited or asked or told.
What has been your biggest challenge so far?                                                                  Money and Time
Any role models?
I just saw the Laurel Nakadate Show at PS1 MoMA, I absolutely loved it. I guess I kind of have a crush on her right now.

Would you ever model?

Ha! Depends what for I guess..

“I Just Feel So Weird Right Now” and “Untitled” comment on the fashion industry in a refreshing way. What’s the story behind those pieces?

I Just Feel So Weird Right Now, was actually meant to reference Bas Jan Aders Piece Too Sad To Tell You. Where he filmed himself crying, showing emotion-which sort of went against the male machismo big stoic sculpture art at the time.  I’ve always loved that piece. I was watching Americas Next Top Model and the things they do to these girls are crazy. You see them crying one by one, season after season, showing all this simulated or not emotion- on reality TV. And one girl one time said ” I just feel so weird right now”. I wanted to show a connection between Ader’s piece, and the one I wanted to make.

Untitled” – or “One little square out of every page in Vogue and One little square out of everything in my closet. The story behind this piece- sort of how girls might aspire to an idea of what is fashionable through pages of magazines that are flat, and formulaic. Versus the texture and beauty of ones own live- in clothing. Maybe its not as expensive, but there is certain charm that only life can give to a material.


Untitled *detail

Is your work usually conceptual? 


You are also in a great all girl band by the name of Snakehole! Tell us something we don’t know about the band.
Well we actually just lost our original drummer to NewYork, but an angel named KC Toimil just fell from the sky and we have been practicing a lot, and are back in business!
Looking forward to any upcoming shows?
June 9th will be playing with the Slippery Slopes, and they are super fun party band from Orlando that you want to dance to and simultaneously smash a beer can against your head.
Fill in the blank: The girls of Snakehole are babes on a mission to…
fade into obscurity…
Advice for new comers?
Dont Worry, be happy!
To find out more about Autumn Casey and Snakehole check out her blog http://autumncasey.blogspot.com/ and music page http://www.myspace.com/sssnakehole

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