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MLM Exclusive Interview! Obe Santos

Obe Santos - Stylist

Obe Santos was born in Miami, Florida in 1990. At age 13, he began to find a love for the image he could offer people in the perspectives of fashion. Whether it was building a stronger image of oneself emotionally or boosting confidence by style, the feeling of making someone a better person by fashionable appeal fell into heart. Always into the artistic environment he’s lived in, at age 17, a Fashion Stylist is what he had deemed to become.

He is currently studying at Miami International University of Art and Design for a degree in Fashion Merchandising, where he has begun to construct a road to success. Attending the university has definitely given him superior knowledge in the field and has prepared him for the industry ahead. As he continues his journey, he has the utmost motivation to pursue his career and follow his dreams.

Obe Santos

▪    What led you to start your career path?

Being infatuated with every art aspect around me from the grass to sky and growing up with an artistic mind set gave me a clear perspective of an what artist’s eye is all about. In that sense, growing up in such a nature led me to begin styling
at a young age. From the time I was 13, I began styling in my sister’s closet. I taught myself every detail that made wardrobe visually appealing in general, and most influential, on my sister. She was my direct inspiration when I first began; like a muse if you will.  I never saw fashion as just a way of living, I saw it as an art to understand.

▪    How far has it gotten you?

I began my first university in an art/fashion school fresh out of high school and I am very thankful for being aware of my goals in life at an early age. With that being said, motivated to be a stylist has gotten me very far. At least far enough to say a degree has been completed! In addition to such, I’m still growing on tangible assets, but knowledgeably, it has gotten me exceptionally far. I’ve definitely learned a lot and have grasped from every experience in my career so far.

Obe Santos

▪    How long have you been styling?

I’ve been at this for exactly one year June 02, 2010.

▪    What makes you stand out, or what do you want to be recognized for?

I believe my work makes me stand out because it’s more of an artists perspective and not solely based on a fashionable appeal. And that’s exactly what I want to be recognized for.

Obe Santos

▪    What attracts you to fashion?

The art of fashion, really. Individualism, personality, expressionism, originality, and innovation.

▪    What issues in your field do you have strong opinions about?

A lot of the industry, with the exception of designers, seem to have forgotten that fashion is an art. Not necessarily just a source of mass market production. Although selling is a general purpose of creating wearable fashion, there is still the art of fashion; which is simply fading.

Obe Santos

▪    Share a story with us about a fun day on set or about a favorite project completed or a time that you were really happy to be doing what you do.

In my perspective, part of being an artists is being open-minded and free- spirited. So being the non-chalant character that I am, I would definitely have to say the most fun day on set is when my team and I created an artistic shoot with us as bare models. That’s right, bare! We stripped naked, got painted up, and created beautiful pieces of art work on us to shoot and have a memorable art piece. Yeah, definitely most memorable/ fun day on set!

▪    What are your goals?

I’d like to eventually be styling for major fashion magazines around the world but one of my ultimate goals is to be successful not in the eyes of others but to one’s self satisfaction.

▪    What inspires your styling technique?

Some common inspirations come from Alexander McQueen and John Galliano; as cliche as it may sound, their theatrical characteristics really give me a feel for the kind of work I like to produce.

▪    How has your styling changed over time?

When I first started styling I had very limited resources, but due that expansion I could definitely say my styling has been more detailed, which has enabled me to fully execute a vision.
▪    Would you say your more influenced by the past, present or future?

I say never look back and only move forward when relating to human nature, but in the sense of fashion, the past has transformed our present and both past and present create a future. If there is anything I’m most inspired by, it’s how the history of fashion has evolved itself into the present and the future.

Obe Santos

▪    How do you keep your looks fresh?

When referring to the general public (clients or advising persons), I keep things “fresh” by following designer trends by season and adding a touch of my eye. And never forgetting is all about the styling! As far as an artistic vision, I like to be innovative in my work. Something unseen, and undeniable intriguing to the eye.

▪    Any role models?

My mother for all her drive and the “hustle-like” persona she portrays and delivers
My father for having such an entrepreneurial quality and being very successful in business for so many years.

▪    Any advice for newcomers?

Work for what you want to achieve, because nothing is just handed to you. No matter the situation, everyone works to create and pursue and image of themselves. Either you execute what you are trying to succeed in, or you fail by avoiding the work.


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