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MLM Exclusive! Joey Rolon

Joey Rolon

Joey Rolon was born in one of the world’s major fashion capitals, New York City. Acting intuitively within the society he lived in, Joey learned the business of fashion at an early age. In 1994, Joey began to work for Patricia Fields, where his fashion career blew in like bustling winds. Soon after, Joey became a successful designer and major stylist to some of the world’s biggest celebrities; including, Lil’ Kim, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, and for many years KC The Sunshine Band. (KC and the Sunshine Band is very near and dear to the heart of MLM)

Over the years, he has established two stores located in Miami: Joey Rolon Signature and Funky Sexy Couture. Currently, Funky Sexy Couture by Joey Rolon is in high demand, not only by celebrities but most of the general public. It has exceeded its limitations due to the recession and continues to be successful in the great city of Miami. According to Joey, “ it’s not about the latest fashion trends, it’s about what the people want. And that’s to be different and to have unique, personal styles.” After so many years of success and demand, Joey is comfortable working in various facets of the fashion industry, from designing custom made apparel to fabulous one-of-a-kind pieces. Joey designs Funky Sexy Couture to express individualism and personal style. As Joey perceives it, “Everybody is an individual, and every thing they wear should express that.”

Joey Rolon

▪    What led you to this career path and how did you start?

At a very young age I worked in an emerging fashion society with experience of assisting, selling and buying, with and for the best high-fashion boutiques in NY. In addition to such, I was a club kid in the NY scene, which was a definite boost in my career.

▪    How far has it taken you?

Far enough to design my own label, Joey Rolon Signature, and open my own boutique known as Funky Sexy Couture.
Joey Rolon
▪    How long have you been designing your own clothes and when did you start styling?

Both since I was 17 years old!

▪    Where do your ideas come from?

Traveling, people, kids & teens especially, and definitely from styling at a young age; that has given me a lot of experience!

▪    Do you feel you are more inspired by past, present, or future?

Definitely future! I never look back, I care for what’s to come from what’s going on at the moment.

▪    What are you doing that is different, or that you want to be remembered for?

Creating and designing individuality, personality, and exclusivity.

▪    What attracts you to fashion?

Myself; my inner personality attracts me most to this industry

Joey Rolon

▪    Any issues in your field that you have strong opinions about?
Mass production!

▪    How has your work changed over time?

It’s harder now in such an economy but the love of what I do brings me most of my successes.
▪    What are your goals?
Fashion, music, and productions.

▪    What made you stop/ keep going?

My drive.
▪    Share a story with us about a fun day on set or about a favorite project completed or a time that you were really happy to be doing what you do.

A memorable moment for me was when Sophia Vergara won best dressed of the year next to Julia Roberts for People Magazine.

▪    Any role models?
Patricia Fields.

▪    Any advice for new comers?

Follow your dreams and believe in yourself!

Joey Rolon


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