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Off Topic…

(Sometimes I will be posting something off the topic of fashion. Something I feel my readers should know about.)

A Banksy Film

I went to see this film the other day, my verdict: Inspiring. I am trying not to give much away because the plot of the movie took a turn in the first 5 minutes that I wasn’t expecting.  Banksy is actually actively present in the film though his identity is still tightly under wraps. His face is hidden in shadow and his voice has been altered. I enjoyed following the pioneers of street art such as Shepard Fairy,  Invader, and Banksy himself. I was also able to witness the creation of Mr. Brainwash.Yeah, I didnt know him either.

The movie leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth, not the bad kind, the kind that makes you want to tell your friends but you cant because you don’t want ruin it for them.

Enjoy !



  sam barclay wrote @

was such a good film, didn’t expect it to be anything like it was! couldn’t have seen it in a better place!

  modelslovemodels wrote @

Totally agree! we had such a good day even though it rained the whole time

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